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What Is Yolo?

YOLO app is an application specifically designed for the iOS users and is developed by third party developers and collaborated with a social media app called Snap Chat. It is known to be #1 application in United States in Apple’s App Store. It has a 4.6 star review rating and has around 11,600 reviews from all its users. It is said to be the most interesting feature of Snap Chat as the app is said to be anonymous. This is an app in which users will install this application on their iOS phones and they will be able to add stickers to their story and ask questions to the viewers about anything and get a response from them so that you can know about their opinions. You can question other users as well. That is the reason it is called as the most realistic app and is both dangerous and exciting. The full form to this abbreviation is “You Only Live Once”. One problem spotted in the YOLO app is that they reported being bullied on this app and noted that app’s content filters are intelligible. So the developers of the app worked on it with all their efforts to make it safe for the users. YOLO now prohibits “objectionable content or abusive users”. In order to know who messaged you and eliminate unnecessary suspicions, here is a method to reveal usernames from YOLO.  


Here, YOLO app has a feature that hides a person’s identity when someone comment or answer or ask you a question. In order to find the true identity of a person sending messages, there is a tool generally called as a reveal tool. This works the exact opposite to the YOLO app.


How to hack YOLO using this reveal tool?

  • Click on the button marked access to get access to online hack tool.
  • Give your username and ensure that you are connected to your accounts with that username.
  • You will be able to see a list of options that you can choose according to what you want to know and view.
  • Select the options that you want to view and click on generate button.
  • Complete the user verification phase.

There are many such websites that provide the username by YOLO hack. This is one of the general procedure.

How to use the official YOLO HACK feature available on snap chat?

It is known as YOLO AQ app which has currently broken out all the documents on the iTunes store. There are many people currently downloading such examining app. The best feature of YOLO APK is that it makes your solutions instantly sharable on your breeze story. This was produced by PopShow inc. with its major developer Gregoire Henrion.

One important parameter to be considered is whether the examining application or a YOLO hack website you choose safe to be chosen as few of the sites might grab your information and use it anonymously as your identity cannot be exposed to the hacking application.

Is it safer to use YOLO HACK websites?

Yes. Although there are a few sites who take up the advantage of stealing your username, it is usually not much of an issue. One tip is to say away from the sites that are not secure. It works perfectly without any errors.

Will my anonymous visitors know about it?

So this question is certainly obvious. When you try to grab information about an anonymous person, you will get a doubt if they will get notified regarding that. Well, the answer is no. The past visitors or any anonymous person will not know anything that you have actually revealed their username using certain website or app. It is all made confidential and safe for use.

Is it free of cost?

Yes. You need not pay any amount to get it done. It is specifically done with the aim of providing safety and privacy to the YOLO users. It is an open source freeware that you use anytime and anywhere without paying.

Why does YOLO hack reveal username consist of human verification procedure?

YOLO has a widespread use by a large group of snap chat users. This makes it difficult to authenticate and spot out the difference between a genuine user and an automated bot. So in every website of reveal username tool, there is a section for human verification. Bots are malicious devices designed to harm a system containing useful information. To get rid of those and to actually be able to spot out the differences between the two, human verification is the only choice. Human verification is usually done by asking the user to type a special captcha code that is provided on the screen. An automated bot will not be able to read it. This step also ensures every user’s safety and privacy.

The best recommended app for revealing user name is “YOLO HACK AQ app” which is said to be safe and trusted app which is easily available on the iOS store and is available for free. There is yolo apk available for android users as well. There is another website called which is said to be very effective website and provides results in fraction of seconds. “Secret” is another app that provides username information.

Suppose you don’t want to view all of the anonymous users from the beginning, but want only from a specific date. In few of the websites, they ask information like “messages dating from”. This implies the usernames that you want to view from a particular day. All the websites that is available are made user-friendly and convenient for the users to use.

To conclude, YOLO is a safe and an interesting app which you can happily use and the developers have everything on hand about what to do during some difficult circumstances when you face an issue. It was and is still the best feature of snap chat for iOS users and is used by thousands of people.

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