How to Get Free Minecraft Premium Accounts in 2020?

Recently I’ve received quite a few emails from people wondering if I had any access to Minecraft accounts for free (premium or otherwise) as well as wondering if I would share any that I had with them in the future. So, I let my team know and we stayed on the lookout for any ways to play minecraft for free while we continued working on other projects.


Now, we’re pleased to announce the first of our weekly FREE MINECRAFT PREMIUM ACCOUNT GIVEAWAYS!


free mc premium

How this will work is simple: Every week we will be giving away premium minecraft accounts on our website – these accounts will either be donated to us, scraped from inactive users, or occasionally, bought with our own money (which we will swing for whenever we can get coupons or other deals on minecraft accounts). These minecraft accounts will be shared publicly here, and while we will lock them behind an offer to prevent abuse, they will be up for grabs for anyone to try and use.

Enjoy! This isn’t exactly a minecraft account generator, but we think it’s the next best thing. Hopefully you all get lucky and get the minecraft accounts you’re looking for (although we think paying for the game is the way to go, not everyone has that luxury).

We’re going to work to steadily deliver working usernames and passwords to get access to Minecraft for free, so that ExcessGen can become the #1 spot for people to get FREE Minecraft access! Soon you’ll be hunting for diamond blocks and fighting creepers on your own.